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This is a great film capturing a slice of the legendary Earl Scruggs’ life in 1972 when he was going through a musical change of life. This focuses really on his sons and  his family. We see them playing with Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, The Byrds and most amazingly Doc and Merle Watson as well as the Morris Brothers and Bill Monroe.  This is a 1970’s  low budget documentary that really captures a strange period of time when rednecks and hippies came together to make some great music. The fashions displayed are wonderful too. I remember us all dressed that way.

How do you make a documentary about Led Zeppelin and have no Led Zeppelin music in it? Obviously, someone couldn’t get or couldn’t afford some permissions.  What a let down. I’m glad I didn’t pay to  rent this. To be fair, there is some  interesting content from producers,  managers, and groupies that give some  insight into the individual personalities of Plant, Page, Bonham and Jones. There is various interview footage of the band members from a variety of sources pieced together to give a sense of credibility, but overall this is a waste of streaming time.

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I have a Martin DC-16RGTE sitting next to me. I have a Carvin jumbo acoustic and an Alvarez Fusion FD60csb for back-up. They are all acoustic/electric. I have a Mexican Telecaster made when mexican was still pretty bad about 20 years ago and a Schecter diamond series electric that hasn’t been out of the case in years. I’ve been known to show up at open mics just to make the other folks sound better. Making music, even mediocre music, is a stress reducer for me. It certainly hath charms to soothe my savage breast.