Viacom is evil! They just don’t get it. Everyone should be outraged at the invasion of their privacy. The ‘old’ media companies are so ignorant. Youtube is the best advertisement and product placement tool they could want and they just can’t see beyond the rabbit ear antennas of a few people. They think they can squeeze some money out of Google and scare the net into ‘protecting’ their content for them.
I predict the backlash against Viacom will cost them more than anything they get from Google. The genie will not be placed back in its bottle. The people watching Youtube are not watching content on their TVs. Viacom is arguing they are being harmed by people seeing content they wouldn’t watch on conventional OTA, cable or satellite. Youtube is not taking away from their market, IT’S a NEW MARKET YOU IDIOTS!! And instead of exploiting it, Viacom wants to crush it. So long Viacom, I hope my pension fund isn’t investing in you.