Is that a gun in your pocket,
Or are you just glad to see me?

Actually, it’s a Smith & Wesson
Model 36 Chief’s Special in an
Uncle Mike’s pocket holster worn
In the weak side front pocket.
It’s a backup to the .357 or .45
I normally carry in a strong side
Concealment holster behind the hip.

Two guns? You feel the need to carry
Two guns? What are you afraid of?

Nothing really, I’ve got the guns!
I also have smoke alarms, a fire extinguisher,
Extra keys for my car and front door too.
Don’t you bring a first aid kit when camping?
Don’t you have a spare tire in the trunk? Why?
On vacation, do you have more than one
Credit card in case one is lost or stolen?

Sensible precautions certainly make sense,
But why the guns? Is it trouble you expect?

I don’t expect a flat tire. Still, I have the tools
To deal with it should it ever happen.
I don’t expect trouble, and don’t look for it.
The tool on my hip is for the unexpected, immediate
And otherwise unavoidable threat of death
Or grave bodily harm to the innocent.
Any means are justified to end such a threat.

I know that no one really wins a gunfight.
If ever forced to defend self or loved ones,
Life will never be the same. If fortunate,
You’ll not be charged, the civil suit won’t bankrupt you
and the nightmares will come less and less frequently.
You’ll be marked like Cain, and people will whisper.
You’re not the winner, you just lost less.