Added some new drives to the data robot recently. Now have a 1TB, 750GB, 500GB and a 320GB for 1.42TB of redundant, protected storage and about 600GB free at the moment. I Have dumped media from all but one external drive onto the drobo and now have several external drives that I don’t have a use for, at the moment. I think an immutable law of digital storage is you will find stuff, no matter its usefulness, to fill 80% of the storage available and then think how you can increase it before the last 20% is used up.

Remember, despite the redundancy of the drobo, you still need some sort of off site storage solution or you are at risk. Francis Ford Coppola had his computer and back-up drives stolen from his home in Argentina and he literally lost his life’s work. Microsoft’s Skydrive will give you 25GB of storage for free. Don’t risk losing the important documents, music and pictures you are accumulating.