There is nothing special about this movie. The story is embarrassing and makes hardly any sense. I really didn’t care about any of the characters and found myself kind of rooting for the Decepticons or whatever their name is. Why was Megan Fox even in this movie? Why is she in any movie? Shia’s parents are the best part of the movie and even they are superfluous time fillers. The acting is adequate if uninspiring. The action is old hat and nothing imaginative. The transformations are so fast and blurred you feel they are hiding the fact they can’t make the transformation from car to giant robot look believable. The toys actually do transform and you can see how each part moves from function to function, so why can’t they make a computer rendering work that way? For kids and maybe adults who love the toys and the cartoon series, the movie may seem worthwhile. I was thoroughly unimpressed with this film.