Get Smart was not very. Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to remember the TV show and how funny it was. Buck Henry was clever and edgy. Don Adams had a unique delivery and great timing. It was clear the movie was catering to a wider audience and would not dare to risk offending any recognized ‘group’. You can quip about the CIA and a psychotic VP with a pacemaker or portray the President reading a book to schoolchildren at the moment of crisis, but you are hardly pushing the envelope there. There was a wealth of talented comedic actors in this film and they were let down by a boring formulaic script that was not an homage to a groundbreaking TV comedy, but an insult to my intelligence and an embarrassment to the comedy genre. Don’t pay to see this movie. Wait for ‘on demand’ and hope for a $1.99 special. Then you won’t think you wasted much money, only time.