The Folio Society had a discount sale recently and I couldn’t resist adding a few more books to the library. The Brothers Karamazoz I had to get. A small edition of Blake’s Songs of Innocence & of Experience. It’s about 4×6 inches and has prints of Blake’s original colored plates for each poem. It is delightful. Einstein’s Relativity is a surprise, but it was inexpensive and I hope to delve into it sometime soon. The picture shows some of my Folio books. (click for a full size Hi-res image) I fear there will be more before too long.

Folio BooksUpdate (2/28/2013): Got all the Folio books in one place. Due to space and desire to keep my loving partner, I am limited to 3 and a half of these book shelves. Half-price Books probably made a tidy sum off me, but I hope my loss is someone else’s gain. I divested myself of many, many boxes of books and kept the makings of a well rounded library with the Harvard Classics, Britannica Great Book series, the Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Various dictionaries/references, and the complete Aubrey & Maturin series by Patrick O’Brian.

Part of my mini version of the Library of Alexandria (if it hadn't been burned)

Part of my mini version of the Library of Alexandria (if it hadn’t been burned)

The other bookcases hold my military history, strategy, combat psychology and weapon craft works. With limited space I have to be rather selective as to what to keep. I’m starting to use that strange and wondrous thing, the library, more. The Kindle and iPad give me some much needed flexibility too. Electronic hoarding, so far, not been made a recognized diagnosis.
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