Everyone should have a black rifle. It’s usually a version of the military service rifle and in this country that means a AR-15. There are a myriad of companies making AR-15 style weapon systems these days. The choice is personal and each manufacturer has features they claim makes theirs better. Being a poor civil servant, I couldn’t just go out and pick up the latest from Sabre Defence, Rock River, S&W, or a Semi-custom piece from Les Baer or Wilson Tactical. I’ll have to wait for lottery winnings to afford those. Luckily for me, a few years ago I stumbled upon a used AR-15 at a local gun shop. Checking it out I found it was an original Colt AR-15 Match Target Lightweight. It was used, but I couldn’t find any wear on the thing. It was like new in my opinion. It was bargain priced and all original, so I took my prancing pony home. Built during the dark Assault Weapon Ban years it had a fixed stock and was lacking the evil bayonet lug and flash suppressor. Being a Colt I can count on a magnafluxed barrel and bolt carrier. Some may not think that important, but it’s added assurance that there are no defects in those critical parts. The lightweight 16″ pencil barrel is a feature to me. I doubt I’ll be heating it up in any sustained firing (Zombie outbreaks have dropped off in recent years) and it lends to a overall balance I find comfortable. I added a collapsible stock, carbine forend with rails, and a First Samco pistol grip. I have an EOTech sight, but haven’t found a mount I like with the fixed carry handle. Again, being a Colt it has a 1:7 twist barrel. I would prefer 1:8 or 1:9 just for the wider range of bullets that can work with it. Lighter bullets (like cheaper surplus 55gr loads) may be over stabilized or even come apart in flight. The standard 62gr bullets are fine and it appears everyone likes the heavier bullets these days. I have a supply of greek surplus 55gr rounds and haven’t seen any keyholing or jackets separating, but accuracy is not the greatest. I’ve used it in rifle side matches at local USPSA events and it hasn’t embarassed me. I’ll eventually get a new flattop rifle of some type; piston operated with all the gadgets mounted and in some exotic new caliber. Until then I’ll be comfortable with my Colt. It will be more than enough for any likely doomsday scenario I’m going to face.