Tina Fey is cute, funny, and your girlfriend won’t be threatened by her. Steve Carell is cute, funny, and your boyfriend won’t be threatened by him. Let’s poke fun at suburban 30 somethings and the stereotypical relationship stuff. Put them in the big city and let the zaniness begin! Well it could be more zany and funnier, but then you might start offending someone and we need to appeal to as big a market as possible, after all this is the movie business. There is plenty of shtick to make you smile and you may chuckle a few times. No big laughs for me. The surrounding cast of characters are also cute (Mark Wahlberg is way too studly) and the SNL cast is well represented. This is a take no chances, stick to the formula movie and it is a solid middle of the road comedy you will forget about soon after you see it.