This looked like it could be a really bad movie or pretty good. Thankfully, it was a fun and quirky film. This is the anti-hero hero story. What does it take to be a not so super hero? A dorky costume to start. The pent up angst, alienation, and naive world view of youth helps too. Aaron Johnson is our nebbish hero to be. He plays it straight and you might even believe someone would be foolish enough to try to do what he does. The movie plays teenagers more realistically than some recent movies. They are rude, crude and inconsiderate just like the ones you see at the mall on a Friday evening. There are the typical outsider scenes of school and the requisite bullies to set the stage for us. What makes this movie work is Chloe Grace Moretz as Hit Girl and her father (Big Daddy) Played by Nicolas Cage. The juxtaposition of this little girl doing very adult super hero stuff is great. She cusses like a sailor and is cute as a button. Cage is a bit over the top as her revenge and weapon obsessed father, not that there is anything wrong with that. Hoplophiles will love all the hardware displayed. There is plenty of cartoon like violence or rather comic book mayhem as this is taken from a comic series. If you like comic book action and a decent comic book story (a sequel is likely), then Kick Ass is worth seeing.