What a mess.  I guess they need something to make The A-Team look good when it comes out. Some special ops guys get double crossed by CIA super spook guy and they want to clear their names. Very original. They each have a special talent too. And there is an angry vixen who may be a good bitch or a bad bitch, we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s supposed to be another comic book type action story. There are some explosions and fights and gun play and all the usual action movie filler, but there is no continuity here. The editing is appalling. There are endless slow motion group walks `a la Reservoir Dogs which tells me the director and editor didn’t know what they wanted. Jason Patric is almost ok as the villain, but even he can’t bring it off. The witty banter isn’t witty and the funny character quirks aren’t funny. They left some loose ends to set up a sequel, which is painful to contemplate. Don’t be a loser. Skip this movie.