Christy and Brad

I’m Brad Newton. Retired after more than 25 years service to my country and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a self proclaimed Philosopher, Geek, history buff, competitive shooter, amateur musician and admirer of all things Excellent.

I have started a new thread in the Great Conversation. My interests are eclectic and you may find material on any topic from poetry to politics, guns to Goethe and Aristotle to Zulu wars. The site name is from a Platonic dialog, The Meno, that I read as a freshman in college. It had a profound influence on me then, and I continue to come back to it again and again. Plato has Socrates ask Meno the question: Whether Virtue/Excellence is Knowledge or of another species? Where does virtue come from? What qualities do we value and why? What makes for a ‘good’ life? 30+ years later I am still trying to answer these questions. Please help me carry on the conversation.