Lethal Force Institute: LFI-I: Judicious Use of Deadly Force-May 1997
Lethal Force Institute: LFI-II: Threat Mgt. for Civilians-May 1998
Lethal Force Institute: LFI-I: May 1999 (Left handed)
Lethal Force Institute: LFI-II: May 2001 (Left handed)
Lethal Force Institute: 25th Anniversary Seminar – October 2006
Lethal Force Institute: LFI-I Harrisburg, PA Staff Adjunct/Range Officer 2007-2009.
Massad Ayoob Group: MAG40 Harrisburg, PA Staff Adjunct/Range Officer 2011-2014.
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor 2012.

FBI Classes: Basic and Advanced Crisis Negotiators Course, Interview and Interrogation Techniques.

Criminal Profiling seminar with Robert Hazelwood, June 2010.

PA State Police: Interrogation and Interviewing training.

DOC Training: Hostage Negotiations, Hostage Incident Management, Firearms Instructor Course, Basic and Advanced Defensive Tactics Instructor Course, Conflict Management.

IDPA: SSR-sharpshooter, CDP-Sharpshooter, SSP-Marksman
USPSA/IPSC: Single Stack-C class, Limited 10-C class

2008 IDPA WV State Championship: 1st Place Stock Service Revolver – Sharpshooter

2009 IDPA FL State Championship: 3rd Place Stock Service Revolver – Sharpshooter